Doja Cat, one of the trendy TikTok stars, will be our guest today. You will not believe how much does this pretty girl earn!. We'll see what happens in 2023


Who is Doja Cat from TikTok? How Money Works
Onlyfans, Instagram and TikTok: Doja Cat reveals her sources of income

Doja Cat has repeatedly said she'd love to make a hit with Pharrell Williams or Tyler, The Creator, but she's recently collaborated with another top star. Nicki Minaj herself took part in the creation of the banger's remix of 'Say So'. By the way, last Friday the alternate version of the collab was officially released. It was leaked the day before last Thursday, the day before the premiere of the updated single. According to Nicki, she realised at the last minute before the release that she needed a completely different beat for her verse. After the producers sent in a revised instrumental, she reworked the lyrics themselves. The final track came up when the original version was already floating around the net. And now both recordings are available on the streaming services.

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"The track is about a situation where you go somewhere and you see someone and he's with a girl and can't approach you, even though you both look at each other and feel attracted," shared Doja Cat.


Doja Cat broke up with a young man in February. Her boyfriend was independent funk musician Johnny Utah, whom she found out about after stumbling across his YouTube video. According to the artist, she wasn't hooked at all by Johnny's song, but she was impressed by the outfit he was wearing in the video. The relationship lasted a few months and ended without too much scandal.

"Everything is fine. I've unsubscribed from my ex and everything is fine now. We didn't fight. There was no drama. It just didn't work out," Doja Cat revealed during an Instagram stream.


"I've never stopped thinking about what I'm going to do next. And while it may seem like I'm wandering through life in the dark, the truth is I always know what I want to do," declares Doja Cat.

In fact, the artist recently promised her Twitter followers that she would show her breasts if her song "Say So" made it to number one on the Billboard chart. Now, Doja Cat fans are likely to be even more enthusiastic about increasing the number of listens to the single.