Wadih El Sheikh is a famous Lebanese artist / group. Explore Wadih El Sheikh's net worth and salary in 2021. Learn more about Wadih El Sheikh's height, real name, wife, girlfriend and children.


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Wadih El Sheikh is a famous Lebanese artist / group

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Influencers - the most popular word of the last year, which is already a little fed up. After the millennials, of course :-)

I propose to dot the i's and figure out who they are and how these people affect our lives.

So, an influencer is a person whose opinion matters for a certain audience.

We all, consciously or unconsciously, want to imitate someone, and this is our nature. As a child, we like to dress up as princesses or superheroes, in our youth we want to have a hairstyle like that of “that singer”. And that's okay.

Actually, influencers are idols. Only if 10 years ago only celebrities (actors, singers, celebrities, etc.) could get this role, then today everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. To become someone's idol today, it is not at all necessary to flicker on TV or collect the Olympic. It is enough to gather an audience around you, which is calculated by the number of followers on Instagram. Preferably with five, or better with six zeros.

How is a blogger different from an influencer? In fact, nothing. Today, a blogger is ONE of the possible formats of a public opinion leader.

According to the statistics of 2018, the most important influencers were Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle. Moreover, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, who shared the first and second places, do not act in films and do not sing. They are popular because they are popular. And sometimes this popularity is even a little scary.

And the case of Kylie, when she brought down Snapchat shares with her tweet alone, is being held in business schools today.

Meghan Markle is not on any social network at all, but this does not prevent her from remaining the most popular woman for many. Her attractive role model is to blame for everything. Just imagine, a girl "from the people" married a prince. It seems that such a story can happen to any of us. Let's say thanks to fairy tales and cinema, which for years have put these thoughts in women's minds. Therefore, it is not surprising that now many girls want to touch this story so badly that they are ready to “be like Megan,” even if for this you need to buy shoes like hers. A separate article is devoted to the Meghan Markle effect in the blog.

Influencers are crowding out not only the stars, but also the print media - just look at Wadih el Cheikh net worth!

Let's fast forward 15 years ago and remember how we learned about the news of the fashion world?

Critics and journalists came to the shows (it was still customary to put them in the front rows at that time), watched the show, took notes of what they saw and ran to their hotel to fax the material to the editorial office. The fastest release date for such material is the next day.

Today, Chiara Ferragni and other fashion bloggers are sitting in front raw, who can show you the show live on their page.

What else does the print lose to the blogger. Firstly, it is impossible to track statistics and analyze audience engagement and selling effect in the magazine. It is almost impossible to find out who was influenced by the advertisement, and who actually went and bought what he saw on the glossy pages. In social networks and the Internet, this is done in an elementary and extremely accurate way. Another point: the cost of an advertising page in a magazine is several times more expensive than a publication in Insta by a stylist or fashion blogger. Of course, there are exceptions. But, on average, it is.