Many dream of starting their own business, but they are stopped by the lack of start-up capital that can be invested in promotion.


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Many dream of starting their own business, but...

Before starting to study any business books PDF, it is important to understand a few basic principles, without which it is impossible to succeed:

  • Business is akin to sports. A lot is decided by the psychological attitude, the willingness to overcome difficulties and move step by step to the top. It is important to believe in yourself and in your success so that the falls following the ups do not knock you out of the saddle. The path will be long.
  • Decide on a goal. It is necessary to honestly answer the question "Why do I want to do business?" Understand whether this is a desire to "become no worse than others" or you really see the prospects for the development of your business model, sensibly assess the chances of a stable profit.
  • Calculate the risks. - In no case should you start a business with borrowed money if you have nothing to pay off possible debts or you do not have one hundred percent certainty that everything will work out. - It is necessary to designate the last frontier, beyond which you will not go, regardless of any circumstances.
  • Assess your options and start small. Without your own funds to promote your business, do not grab large-scale projects. Many large corporations today started out as humble family businesses. At the same time, the number of bankrupt business start-ups cannot be counted - this is a very common scenario.
  • Choose the direction in which you understand. You should not start a business in an area of ​​which you have only a vague idea. You have to compete with experienced professionals. The risk is possible if you have a partner who understands the chosen business, but you should first discuss all issues related to joint business with him.
  • Move systematically towards the goal. Miracles do not happen - it will take a long time to reach heights. You should be mentally prepared for failure, and at the same time confident in your abilities. Troubles, which cannot be avoided, will not poison your life if you enjoy your chosen business with the help of business books PDF free download.
  • Prioritize quality. Good reputation contributes to business development. Your goods or services should be superior in quality (or at least not inferior) to existing and emerging offers on the market. This is the only way to keep the clients found and expand the client base.
  • Not the fact that you are destined to become a businessman. In Russia, no more than 5% of the population is engaged in entrepreneurial activity. To be a successful businessman, you need to have a certain personality, the notorious "entrepreneurial streak", colossal patience and endurance, efficiency and a little luck.
Re-read the above points and once again weigh the pros and cons, assess your strengths and motivation to start a business from scratch.

Business from scratch: 4 working schemes

If there is no initial capital, but there is a desire to start a small business, you will have to choose one of four real schemes.

Business on services

  • You know how to do something very well and are able to compete in this area.
  • You earn a certain amount of money by providing services in the chosen field.
  • Invest in business expansion / professional development or open another for them.
  • Starting a business without start-up capital is easiest to use services - this is exactly what beginner entrepreneurs do in 90% of cases. Unlike purchasing goods or organizing production, such activities do not require substantial financial investments.

    Merchandise resale business

  • You are a person who can sell snow in winter to a Siberian.
  • You have information where the product can be purchased at the lowest price.
  • You find a buyer and sell him goods at higher prices, leaving yourself the difference.
  • You invest the earned money in a profitable purchase of goods, if required.
  • If there is no opportunity to invest in the purchase of goods, then you can only act as an intermediary. There are two key conditions without which a business is doomed to failure: the ability to sell (the gift of persuasion) and the ability to find a hot product at prices significantly below market prices. There are many competitors in this area, you need to be ready for this.


  • You are an expert in some field, you have unique knowledge that is in demand by other people.
  • You are selling your knowledge. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is via the Internet (video tutorials, lectures, trainings, Skype communication, etc.).
  • An important condition: knowledge must be useful, real and unique. You can make money teaching foreign languages, promote your own proven weight loss methodology, conduct master classes in cooking, handicrafts, etc.

    Employer partnership

    You are an employee of the company, your knowledge and skills could bring significant benefits to the company through the introduction of innovative technology, competent allocation of resources, etc.