Humanity has always stored and transmitted data. At first, there was not a lot of data and it was not very convenient to store them.


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Humanity has always stored and transmitted data...

4000 years ago, this data looked like this. The photo was published on the website Festa clay disc from the Minoan culture from the island of Crete. Previously, data was stored on approximately such media.

Now the data is stored like this. Photo of the hard drive. Published on The term Big Data or "big data" appeared in 2008. Nature magazine devoted a special issue to the explosive growth of information, using this phrase. It is believed that it was thanks to the editor of this publication, Clifford Lynch, that the concept came into use.

In simple words, Big Data is a lot of information, terabytes of information - see this Big Data for dummies PDF for more info.

It is a little more correct to say that Big Data is tools and methods for processing a large amount of structured and not very information.

Information is collected in information processing centers - data centers. The data center is in the photo below. The larger the center, the more data processing capabilities. The more data scientists who analyze the data, the more opportunities the center has.

Data centers task:

  • processing as much information as possible
  • the ability to quickly analyze incoming data
  • search for non-obvious patterns within an impersonal data stream.

More data = more analysis = more ideas.

Big Data and Apple Pie

An interesting case study related to big data was shared by Kenneth Kukier during his TED Talk. While shops were selling 30cm wide pies, apple pie was the absolute favorite. But as soon as they started selling 11 centimeter pies, the apple pie dropped to 4-5 places in the rating of preferences. Read this awesome ebook called Complete guide to Open Source Big Data stack to start with. It turned out that when a family chooses one pie for all, the choice is obvious - everyone has apple pie in second place. But if everyone can choose the cake by themselves, everyone chooses the one that comes first.

Big Data is a very cool tool with which people can develop. When you have more data, you can make better choices. The date helps to see not only more, but also better, in a different way. To understand that apple pie is not a favorite pie.