How Python works, what makes it good, and who, how and why uses it in his work. A guide for programmers and those interested in Python.


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The Python Programming Language: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Scope

Python is a scripting programming language. It is versatile, therefore it is suitable for solving a variety of tasks and many platforms, from iOS and Android to server operating systems.

Benefits of Python

It is an interpreted language - it does not compile, that is, it is a plain text file before launch. You can program on almost all platforms, the language is well designed and logical.

Development is much faster, because there is much less code here than in other languages. And Python is also great for beginners. It is with him that you can start your path as a programmer by taking a practical course "Python developer" and Online Python Compiler.

How Python is used

It can be found on the web and on mobile devices, in applications and solutions related to machine learning (neural networks and artificial intelligence), and also as an embedded system.

Web development

Python is most commonly used in web development (see Python Methods examples). To work with it, frameworks are connected: Pyramid, Pylons, TurboGears, Flask, CherryPy and - the most popular - Django.


Although the language cannot be compiled, it is used to create desktop programs. For example, here's what was developed in Python.

Mobile applications

Mobile development in Run Python script online is less popular. For Android, they often write in Java, C #, C ++ or Kotlin, and for iOS - in Swift or Objective-C. Python is usually used to program the server side of the application. For example, the Instagram client for iOS is written in Objective-C, and the server is written in Python.


Many computer games were written in whole or in part in Python. There is a misconception that this language is not suitable for serious projects, but in fact it was used in the development of such hits as:

Battlefield 2; World of Tanks; Civilization IV; EVE Online.

Despite the ability to implement a user interface and work with graphics, scripts are mainly written in Python - for example, character interactions, scene triggering, and event handling.

Embedded systems

Python is used to develop embedded systems for various devices. For example, the language has taken root in the Raspberry Pi (a computer the size of a memory card) and in Sberbank for managing ATMs.


Python is suitable for writing plugins and scripts for ready-made programs. For example, to implement game logic or create additional modules. Scripts in this language are embedded in programs in other languages ​​to automate any tasks.