The smart investor is one of the must-have books on the bookshelf for anyone who wants to use the power of the stock market wisely to augment their capital.


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The Intelligent Investor: The Complete Guide to Value Investing is a book by Benjamin Graham, renowned American economist and professional investor.

The Intelligent Investor: The Complete Guide to Value Investing is a book by Benjamin Graham, a renowned American economist and professional investor often referred to as the "Father of Value Investing." The book, first published in 1949, became a bestseller, was reprinted many times and translated into many languages, including Russian. According to Warren Buffett, "This is the best book on investing ever written." This belief is shared by such followers of Graham as Irving Kahn and Walter Schloss. The Intelligent Investor has consistently featured in a wide variety of recommended books for new investors and the best books on finance. The book can be downloaded here The Intelligent Investor PDF for free [PDF/ePub].

"Mister Market"

"Mister Market" is Graham's favorite allegory, where Mr. Market is a helpful man who knocks on a shareholder's door every day, offering to sell or buy his shares at different prices. Often the prices offered by Mr. Market seem plausible, but sometimes they look ridiculous. The investor can either agree with the stated price and conclude a deal with it, or completely ignore it. Mr. Market doesn't care - he'll come back the next day to offer a new price anyway.

The essence of this allegory is that the investor should not pay attention to the volatility of Mr. Market as the main factor that determines the value of the shares, he, the investor, owns. He should rather benefit from the vagaries of the market than participate in them. The investor is advised to focus on the real work of the companies in which he owns shares and receive dividends, rather than focus on the often irrational behavior of Mr. Market.

Our review

I think this book is a must-read for every person. I agree that since 1949. a lot of things have changed, but the key things are still relevant. Excellent book on investment. A systematic and fundamental approach is what you need to understand the chaotic securities market; the book is relevant to this day.

This beginner's book helps you understand and fall in love with value investing and advises you to control all aspects of investing. This book completely changed my understanding of the stock market and changed my thinking. Thanks to this book too, I am now an investor, I hope, with a prosperous future.