I want to put an fish finder on an inflatable boat (3.80 under 30). I’m not into fishing at all. But you need to have a bottom structure, depth, and so on. I want to buy an inexpensive fish finder.


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fish finder type "float", which is easy to use. Wireless model that is powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery. Sends a signal at a distance of up to fifty meters. The scanning depth reaches forty-five meters with a beam frequency of one hundred and twenty-five kilohertz. And the frequency, perhaps, the main drawback is the low detail of the image. Can show the location of the fish and its size, no more: https://emergesocial.net/best-fish-finder/ article explains it in detail.


  • scanning depth - up to 45 m;
  • one beam with an angle of 90 degrees;
  • power supply - from batteries / accumulators.


  • Ease of use.
  • Nice appearance.
  • Scan depth.


  • The charge doesn't last long.
  • Counterfeit.
  • Unreliable fastening.

The eyelet for the fishing line looks like extremely unreliable. The charge lasts for about an hour, not 5 hours.

Number of beams

The number of rays affects the range and width of the view. The simplest have only one ray, while the best in this aspect reach six rays. A large number of beams increases the covered area, as well as the viewing angle. For models with a single beam, these parameters are quite limited: Wikipedia: Fish finder.

GPS module

With its help, it will be possible to determine the location. This is not always necessary, but there are cases when it is better for it to be, for example, when fishing in an unfamiliar area, if it is not tied to one point. The choice of GPS module depends on how far the fisherman is going to travel.