The French Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds. Their ancestors were fierce fighting and stripping dogs. Modern bulldogs have inherited fearlessness and activity from them, but over time they have acquired sympathy and a cheerful disposition, for which their owners love them so much. In addition, small pets feel good in apartments and it is also easy to travel with them, so it is city dwellers who often receive them.


French bulldog care How Money Works
French bulldog care

The French Bulldog breed of dog, despite its name, originated in England in the 17th century. These dogs were especially popular in the city of Nottingham and, importantly, there were many lace-makers living in this city. When there was a huge demand for lace in France, there was a whole wave of emigration, and, accordingly, the craftsmen from Nottingham were among those who went to France in search of a better life and new opportunities.

Raising and training a dog

The training of the French Bulldog is a matter that requires endurance and patience from the owner. This breed quickly gets bored with monotonous activities, so the dog is often distracted from classes. Sometimes it is better to take your dog for training to a professional cynologist.

As explained here french bulldogs for sale, it is necessary to socialize a pet, teach him basic commands (“Come”, “Sit”, “Stop” or “No”) and accustom him to the toilet before he turns 16 weeks old. It was at this age that the character was finally formed in the Frenchman. But trying to win the leading place in the family from the owner, the Frenchman will be for a long time - up to about eight months of age. Do not allow the dog to show aggression and hooligans. Once giving up the slack, the owner will not even have time to notice how the French pet will begin to manipulate.


French Bulldogs are suitable for short and calm walks with a person. This pet is not very hardy and gets tired quickly. Hiking will help maintain the Frenchman's muscles and strengthen his general physical condition. But the baby will not want to run and play for a long time.

It is not necessary to walk the Frenchman near the water, since the structure of his body is not adapted for swimming.