The designation of computer methods and tools for organizations that provide the translation of transactional business information into a human-readable form, as well as means for mass work with such processed information. The goal of BI is to interpret a large amount of data, focusing only on key performance factors, modeling the outcome of various options, tracking the results of decision making.


Business intelligence analytics and data science a managerial perspective How Money Works
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Business Intelligence is the general name for the technologies and tools that are used for business data analysis. Learn when to implement BI and how to choose the right program. ... Business Intelligence or BI-systems is a set of tools and technologies for collecting, analyzing and processing data. For example, a company uses several channels to receive applications and it is necessary to collect a single sales statistics. Or advertising campaigns cover several sites and you need to compare their effectiveness. All these processes can be configured through the BI system. Raw information from various sources is transformed into convenient and understandable analytics through BI. BI systems (Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik) can be used in any industry or field of activity. See, for example, this book Business intelligence analytics and data science a managerial perspective PDF.

Business intelligence analytics and data science a managerial perspective

Recently, these two groups are increasingly being supplemented by Business Intelligence departments - business intelligence. These professionals bring raw, awkward data into a state suitable for business analysis. Raw data must be cleaned from various outliers, duplicates and other interferences. ... A BI developer can use a single space for dashboards or another tool - in any case, access to information is greatly simplified. You don’t have to set a task for an analyst, you don’t have to write a query to the database yourself - just open the dashboard and filter the necessary information there. It is especially good if access to data is provided in real time. Access distribution.

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics is a self-service analytics platform that includes advanced intelligence. Interactive dashboards make data analysis easy. It also has a wide range of analysis features, including hypothetical analysis, advanced analysis, analytical reporting, and trend analysis. In addition, Cognos Analytics allows users to interact with information from their mobile devices or even offline.

Oracle Business Intelligence 14c

Oracle Business Intelligence 14c is a business intelligence service that provides access to all related information. The server will serve other requirements including data analysis, reporting, and analytics applications.