Many people think that on-ear or over-ear headsets always sound better than in-ear headphones. However, these two categories are completely different.


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Plug-in or overhead?

Due to the fact that in-ear headphones are located inside the ear canal, it is easier for them to transmit high-quality sound without interference. Therefore, among the plug-in (or in-ear) there are also gaming models. But apparently because of this prejudice, they are not in very high demand, and therefore they are poorly represented on the market.

However, only full-size headphones can have maximum sound isolation (we are talking about full-size covering, and not overhead with small ear cushions). Soundproofing cuts off all extraneous noise and allows you to completely immerse yourself in the game or listening to music.

Wired or wireless?

In general, wireless headsets always sound worse than wired ones and have at least a minimal, but latency. In addition, wireless models always cost up to twice as much as wired counterparts, even from the same manufacturer's line.

But still, there are a few subtleties and aspects that make wireless headphones a better choice than wired ones. The most obvious is convenience. You can leave the wireless model on at all, even when you move away from the computer or set-top box, and continue to listen to music or even talk with teammates. In addition, all wireless headphones have a built-in audio chip, which in high-quality models makes the sound much more pleasant than raw, especially if you do not have a good separate audio card. The low-end Realtek built-in sound chip (with the three-digit model ID) will still be of no use even with the best wired ones.

However, if you have a high-quality sound card, you are well versed in sound, and you will definitely use headphones for listening to music, and not just for games, then it is still better to prefer wired ones. As we said above, wired ones always sound better than wireless ones, but only under normal conditions. So, what can be your ?

Best Wireless Gaming Headset Under $100

Sony MDR-XD150 - if you don't need a microphone

If you already have a separate microphone, then you can save a lot by picking up budget headphones with good sound instead of a headset. For example, Sony MDR-XD150 for $30. Apparently, due to the inexpensive price, the case turned out to be flimsy in appearance, and the ear pads are inconspicuous. However, the purity of the sound redeems everything. In addition, there are no boosted bass or other frequencies, the sound is as neutral as possible, so these headphones can be upgraded with software tools for any task. See also: Wikipedia.