During rush hour, it is not easy to overcome dense city traffic and traffic jams. To this end, people have increasingly begun to use scooters, bicycles and e-bikes as an alternative to personal and public transport. In recent years, the demand for such equipment has increased dramatically. Particular attention is paid to the electrical appliance: when traveling long distances, a small motor will be indispensable.


Best ebikes under $2000 How Money Works
2022 update: Choosing The Best ebikes under $2000

City bikes (wheels from 20 to 25 inches)

A classic city bike, but with electric propulsion – this is how you can describe this category. Urban station wagons still don't take up much space in the house, as they often have a folding frame. However, they are already suitable for daily trips on asphalt or dirt roads. And on the city station wagon, a trunk and a shopping basket look quite appropriate, many models are equipped with them immediately from the store. That is, this is a great option for shopping trips in the city and in the country. And city station wagons are faithful assistants of couriers who deliver goods and products within the same area.

HIPER Engine Fold X1 (2022)

  • wheel size: 20 inches;
  • maximum distance: 40 kilometers;
  • maximum speed: 25 kilometers per hour;
  • motor power: 250W;
  • number of speeds: 6, entry-level Shimano transmission;
  • weight: 24 kilograms;
  • maximum load: 130 kilograms;
  • features: folding frame, rear trunk.

The most affordable https://digitalflip.co/gadgets/Best_electric_bike_under_2000/ costs as a compact middling. For this money, you can get a quite suitable bike with a folding frame and a not very powerful engine (250 W), but without any additional steps. Flashlight, size, bell, computer and other accessories remain at the mercy of the user. Also, the HIPER Engine Fold X1 has a significant design compromise. The battery is mounted at the rear above the wheel, causing the rear wheel to be overloaded and the center of gravity pulled up. All this has a negative effect on controllability. Immediately after the first assembly, the bike should be taken to adjust the transmission and brakes, as well as to check the tightening of all connections. This is the only way to achieve a comfortable ride, but only for a while - the entire hitch will still have to be changed, since it is the simplest and not very durable.

✅ Pros:

  • good power reserve.

❌ Cons:

  • low quality bicycle hitch;
  • heavy steel frame;
  • high center of gravity, due to the battery;
  • weak electric motor 250 watts.

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