Imagine a photo where a beautifully dressed woman advertises a new lipstick from a famous brand. The account has tens of thousands of subscribers, thousands of likes, hundreds of comments - will you trust such advertising? 100%. Why? People love trusted and reliable sources of information.


Basics of Instagram promotion How Money Works
Imagine a photo where a beautifully dressed woman advertises a new lipstick from a famous brand.

This means they don't have to worry about the quality of the lipstick.

Why does it make sense to use such services?

They do not require passwords or personal details. All you need is an open profile. The account must be public. Most popular payment systems are available for payment. After payment, you can track the status of the order, the number of likes and much more.

Such services help to get more comments and subscriptions from real people. This is a great way to promote your profile, not just likes for likes. In this way, you can get a lot of new subscribers and get into the lists of recommended profiles.

Content with a lot of likes is more likely to be offered to real users, so you also have the opportunity to get already organic likes and real followers. But remember that promotion should start with small steps.

Who buys likes? Popular services run such campaigns for famous people from television and the Internet, as well as for ordinary users who seek to attract an audience.

Is it safe?

Safe if done right. Do not fall for cheap offers and dubious services that can lead to blocking your account. Contact reliable services that guarantee safety and legality. Only with likes from real accounts, you do not risk anything, but you get new subscribers and an increase in the popularity of your profile. And this service should be used by anyone who wants to quickly increase activity on their Instagram and reach a new level.

Purchased likes on Instagram: how to calculate

  • Look at the followers of the profile. If the activity is minimal, these may be fake accounts created specifically for the purpose of liking. This account will likely have fewer than 15 posts, very few followers, no personal photos, and no new posts for about a year.
  • Look at post engagement. Low post-to-like ratio, content that doesn't make sense, and the same followers on this account.
  • If they sell some services (such as we will wind up subscribers for you and in a similar spirit).