The teams have only the best performers, so each fight turns out to be eventful and sparkling.


Features of NHL matches How Money Works
The National Hockey League is the most status and popular tournament on the planet.

Due to the individual skill of hockey players and the principle of the NHL, it has a number of regularities that must be applied by 22 bet app in the betting process.

The best domestic teams in NHL

The NHL is extremely popular in North America, so arenas are almost always packed to capacity. Fans are pushing their favorites forward with all their might and exerting tremendous emotional pressure on their rivals. In addition, guests have to spend energy and energy on travel. The away streak is often delayed, so the squad is squeezed out to the last matches.

St. Louis Blues - the team works real miracles on the ice of the Enterprise Center, so it is extremely difficult for any opponent to take points away from there. For example, during the entire regular season of 2019/2020, the team made only seven mistakes during regular time. The best option for betting on the Blues is a double outcome - a win or a draw after three periods.

Philadelphia Flyers - Wells Fargo Center becomes a real horror for guests as the team is not very welcoming. For the entire 2019/2020 season, she suffered only 10 defeats (four outside regular time). As lisyed in 22 bet apk , the team's zero handicap, as well as the individual total of 3 goals, became an excellent betting opportunity - an average of 3.5 is thrown for a home game.

The Boston Bruins are the perfect home team. "TD Garden" has become a real fortress, where rivals obviously come for one point. For the regular championship 2019/2020, the team lost only four times in the main time, and two defeats did not decide anything and fell on the last fights. But the Bruins can safely take the victory, taking into account overtime and shootouts.

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